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For PEQ, giving advice means talking to clients on an equal footing and looking into the future on their behalf. The parameters for financial services providers are changing on an almost daily basis. But we have our fingers on the pulse of developments, and can find robust individual solutions even for clients with complex concerns.

We would be pleased to offer you a personal consultation in which we can get to know your needs and offer you the service you require: Contact enquiry


PEQ offers a number of services as an independent specialist, such as:


  • expert opinions
  • support in accountancy questions
  • special investigations, e.g. in cases of fraud





Sparring Partner

PEQ supports regulatory and management bodies in various tasks, such as:


  • risk evaluation and monitoring
  • decisions on the basis of regulatory developments
  • company structure and process organization



Regulatory Solutions

In the regulatory sphere, PEQ supports you with specialist knowledge in areas such as:


  • licensing applications for banks, etc.
  • new regulatory requirements and their implementation
  • directives



Trainings & PEQ Information

Are your employees fully up to speed in all areas? PEQ offers customized training modules on site at your company:

Training modules in Anti-Money Laundering/CDB, QI/FATCA etc.



You can also find the latest specialist information in our regular Newsletters:

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Wednesday, 12. June 2019
Wichtigste Meldungen der FINMA, SBVg, SFAMA und FATF
Friday, 03. May 2019
Wichtigste Meldungen der FINMA, SBVg, SFAMA und FATF
Monday, 29. April 2019
CRS / FATCA / QI: Aktualisierung der Informationen auf den QI und FATCA Portalen
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